inMark University

inmark, get set, go! A series of courses to create a seamless training process.

Client Details

Client: inMark Media

Website: www.inmarku.com

Scope of Work:

• Online University

inMark University is an online sales platform created for inMark Media to stream their sales training process. Through several courses taught by experienced instructors, sales representatives can either learn or refresh on topics, lessons, and modules that are important to their development as a sales rep. To ensure they retain the material, quizzes, exams, and projects were also created to test their knowledge.
inMark University has been broken into three different levels of learning. Each level has anywhere from 8-12 courses associated with it. As Sales Representatives graduate from each level, they are awarded access to different parts of the website.


Once a sales rep is hired they would start inMark U as a trainee. The beginning section teaches the companies processes while building the foundation.


Once the Sales Rep has graduated from the basic sales training, representatives can take advantage of courses to learn about additional services.


Think you have what it takes? The management tab will teach you about what it takes to become a manager and all of the aspect that goes along with a management position.

Chat Feature

Sales Reps who were training had direct access to speak with trainers right from the website. A chat icon appears on the bottom of every page to assist with any problems or questions someone has while training.

When a Sales Rep asked a question through the chat, the trainer would receive a notification through an app on their mobile device. Chat history would be saved for feedback on the course.

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